we believe in "simplicity"

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo Da Vinci

App Development

Elegant application development with fluid designs, data integrity and high availability.

Platform Development

Craft simple, sophisticated solution for generic enduring problems solid designs.

Bespoke Development

Agile oriented approach to meet the expectation with engineering craftsmanship.

Time-boxed Delivery

Managed delivery life cycle to match the precise time to market.

Cloud Integration

High availability and high scalability is guaranteed in cloud API based products.

Extended Interaction

Scrum oriented approach extends the level of customer interaction in optimum way.


Qx Business Platform

Simple and Powerful Sales Platform
Qx is a fully featured business management platform which supports any sort of business. Sales flows in general retail stores, fashion and beauty care stores, restaurants and F & B shops can be comfortably handled by Qx.

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Scale up your business with latest technologies. No sky-high hardware costs for small businesses. Start small and grow with Qx platform and services.

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